Name: Nigel Clark
Age: 57
Vegan for two years m, veggie for 38
Name: Bernice Diamond
Age: 61
I went Veggie in my mid-30’s with my daughter who,at 12, followed my lead. When she had her own daughter, she decided to go Vegan and bring her up Vegan and I followed her lead! I ended up making cakes for the Vegan restaurant she opened and I now have my own cake baking business from home! Has going Vegan changed anything? It’s completely changed my life. I’m proud to say that my son and his wife are bringing up my 3 grandsons Vegan too and I feel they are healthy and fit like me. I take no medication, unlike all my friends, and I go to gym classes and swim 4 times a week. I love animals so why would I eat them?
Name: Frank Winfield
Age: 70 years old (May 2018)
I became a vegetarian in 1981, in my early 30’s. I did it for compassionate, altruistic, ethical and moral reasons, i.e. for the animals. At the same time, I started to reduce dairy consumption, but I didn’t finally become fully vegan until 2014. Going vegan is obviously beneficial for the animals, but it’s also beneficial for the environment and for human health. In my case, losing dairy allowed me to lose weight quickly and easily (over 2 stone in 18 months); this resulted in the reversal of my type 2 diabetes. I haven’t taken any medication for 3 years and all of my blood test results have been back in the normal range ever since. Veganism is a win-win for people, for other sentient beings and for the environment; why would you not go vegan?
Name: Angela Jackson
Age: 50
I made the ethical choice to go vegan in June 2018. I never felt comfortable eating meat so I made the decision to go vegan over night after watching ‘What the health’. I’ve never looked back and I’m in the process of to going plant based for my health and the environment 😁
Name: Sally
Age: 67
I’ve been a non dairy vegetarian for 47 years. I don’t eat eggs either. I trained as a cordon bleu chef when I left college. After 5 years in the industry, and being exposed to so much blood and gore, the penny dropped and I became a vegetarian overnight. and changed my career. My 2 daughters and grandchildren are also vegetarians, just wish they would give up dairy too. All I need now is a vegan partner.
Name: Patricia Struben
Age: 57
Vegan for 16 years after reading a Viva! magazine left on the staff room table. I got rid of all animal foods from the house. At the end of the first day vegan I cried. Nobody had died for me. People often mistake me for someone at least 10 years younger. Husband (vegan 9 years) and I are very active. We go to ceilidhs dancing and easily keep up with people at least 20 years younger.
Name: JL
Age: 50
Vegetarian for many years then one day decided vegan was the only way – I didn’t know all the horrors of the dairy and egg industry at that point and have since educated myself and am so glad I made that decision.. Not long after my husband followed me. I have been vegan almost 3 years (I’m nearly 52). I am in better health than many of my colleagues who are younger than me. I can still fit in my wedding dress from 2005 and feel great. Like many others I wish I’d done it sooner. Being vegan feels so good.
Name: Shaun Tunca
Age: 48
I am 50 years old and have been vegan for over 3 years. I run ultra marathons and my recovery is so fast. Feel like I am in my 20s and so wish I had been vegan since then but was blinded by the media rubbish. Plant Power
Name: Graham shand
Age: 63
Fit as a butchers dog(oops) still running, cycling,fit classes,wfpb diet, passionate about the meat for thirty years, vegan for 9 months should’ve changed 30 yrs ago but didn’t make the connection with dairy,feel great although always have. Stronger and healthier than most I work with half my age.
Name: Mark Gregory
Age: 57
Veggie for 34 years: only fully realised the horrors of the dairy/egg industries after a friend’s partner ‘challenged’ me to Veganuary, two years ago. Not looked back since: Why did it take me so long? And I recently competed for Vegan Runners in the National Cross Country Championships at Harewood House (near Leeds)
Name: Lisa Johnson
Age: 51
Veggie age 11 …. now vegan. I tried so hard in 1978…. there was no social media then. I’m sorry, so sorry !!
Name: Charles
Age: 50
I turned vegan 2 years ago. I was vegetarian before that and pescatarian before that.
Name: Sue
Age: 63
Vegan August 2017. Now love my food! 2 blood tests & better results than ever. Life is a new adventure – waking up to the lies in all consumer industries!
Name: Tracey Wright
Age: 51
Laid back, nature loving, dog walking, food lover
Name: Steve Atkinson
Age: 55
Ageing punk rocker, have been vegan since the age of 29 after a few years of being vegetarian.
My only regret is being persuaded “we have to eat meat to survive” by mother, otherwise I would have been vegetarian from my teens, and gone vegan a lot earlier.
And my favourite items of clothing are my vegan Doc Martens and vegan biker jacket!
Name: Sue Chubb
Age: 59
I have been a vegetarian since I was 14 and vegan for the last few months. Both decisions were taken for animal welfare reasons and also for the environment. My skin is better and so is my arthritis since becoming vegan. I currently live with my partner and 2 rescue rats and love being vegan.
Name: Gill Cockburn
Age: 54
I became vegan at 47. It’s the best thing and I only wish I’d done it sooner.
I have three grown up children, three grandchildren and two dogs and two cats live with me.
I work in education, love trying new vegan restaurants (they’re opening all the time!) and taking part in all forms of animal activism.
Name: Carole
Age: 50
Hi I am a 50 yr old female. Vegan helps with menopause, sex, energy and the list is endless. So be kind and don’t eat animal products make your self and life better.
Name: Rhona McWalter
Age: 58
Went from veggie to vegan in 2011 following Viva’s Cadbury’s Calves campaign.
Special needs teacher, Mum and Gran.
Now have ‘vegan’ tattooed on my arm! 😄
Name: Russell Heath
Age: 60
I’ve been vegetarian for 36 years, but vegan for only the last five years. What made me switch was my increasing awareness of the health benefits of veganism. As a veggie, I was always conscious and concerned about animal welfare, but I was getting more and more joint pain from osteoarthritis. When I went vegan and dairy-free, my joint pain disappeared in about six weeks and I feel much fitter. I’ve been a cyclist all my life and was getting knee pain, which I thought was due to cycling daily, but that went after I cut out dairy.
Name: Karen Ashdown
Age: 50
5 years Vegan after being a non-animal-testing non-leather-using energy-saving veggie since age 18. I feel so much better in myself having removed that niggling cognitive dissonance.
Name: Zsuzsanna Horvath
Age: 59
Was vegetarian for the last 18 years and became vegan for the last 8-9 years when I realised the enormous suffering of dairy cows. So my main reason for becoming veggie was always for the animals, then I realised that it’s also healthy for the body and for the planet.
Name: Karen Amsden
Age: 53
I sing in a punk band
Name: Linda Duff
Age: 60
Vegetarian for 20 years for the animals and vegan for almost 3 years. Best thing I have ever done. Feel great, lost weight. No longer on the ‘yo yo diet’ just eat the food I love and don’t have to worry about eating nuts, seeds and avocados. Foods I would deny myself before going vegan. Love my food.